Food Care Agritessili mod. ORTOVERDE Termo-pacciamante 
Food Care Agritessili mod. ORTOGEO Substrato termico per colture
Biofuel&Medicine Agritessili ORTOGEO 3D microvegetali per biocarburanti e farmaci

They protect, nourish and moisturise the soil, saving water, saving air (incorporating up to 6-8 times its weight); they are restorative and anti-pollution products, CO2 reducers, 100% renewable, compostable and at the end of their life cycle they become fertile land to feed the planet

for vegetable gardens and orchards using drip irrigation systems.
Substrates to cultivate
sprouts, salads, crops in hydroponic and/or aeroponic environments, turf, organic farming of edible mushrooms (crop mycelium) algae and microalgae for food production, for producing biofuels (biofuel) and extracts for cosmetics, nutraceutics, pharmaceutics
For artistic use in the garden design/agro-land art and temporary exhibitions or food carpets

raw felt geotextiles made of 100% pure Italian wool, specifically from Sardinia, with authenticity and traceability certificate, cruelty free shearing for the animal’s welfare, from breeding farms with extensive CO2 reduction systems, to preserve carbon free biodiversity and healthy landscapes.  

IT CARRIES OUT AN EXCELLENT THERMAL INSULATING FUNCTION, thus preventing fluctuations in temperature for an optimal development of the plant even in adverse weather conditions and sudden climate changes, it improves resistance to thermal stress, creates a good environment for the plant’s growth, releasing nutrients slowly and steadily
- IT HELPS TO SAVE WATER RESOURCES, it contributes to the increase of water supply and water drainage; it optimises hygrometric control, reduces the loss of water by evaporation, avoiding heat dispersion
- IT ASSISTS SOIL FERTILITY and promotes the growth of young plants. It releases nutrients to the soil constantly and slowly 
- IT INCREASE THE PLANT’S DEFENCES by improving their resistance to pathogens
- IT CARRIES OUT A CONSTANT DEPOLLUTING ACTION from petrochemical derivatives, gas and nitrogen oxides, ketones, aldehydes, thereby improving the health of the air, water, soil and crops. Unlike other systems which merely secure pollutants, Ortolana removes and biodegrades them.
- IT BIODEGRADES NATURALLY, after a year of installation, the land returns to being fertile once again. In case of temporary use, for example for vegetable crops, after the first 2-3 months it can be removed and reused many times.
- OPTIMAL CAPILLARY ACTION for indoor/greenhouse cultivation.
- BEST INSULATION ABILITY AMONG ALL EXISTING SUBSTRATES, it stores still air 6-8 times its volume








substrato termico


10 metri

2 mm
4 mm

100 kg/m3
110-115 kg/m3

moretto naturale,  bianco panna naturale.
Su richiesta grigio perla naturale


non inferiori ai 100 m2
Per la produzione di Biofuel non inferiori ai 1000 m2

Se si vuole incrementare l’effetto termico si consiglia il colore moretto naturale

Il tempo di posa sul terreno varia in base al tipo di spessore di densità e di utilizzo degli agritessili Ortolana: da un minimo di 30-45-90 giorni a diversi mesi in caso di utilizzo della massima densità.

In caso di uso temporaneo, ad esempio per colture orticole dove la protezione dura 30-45 giorni, gli agritessili possono essere impiegati e poi tolti, così da poter essere riutilizzati.

La coltivazione senza terra, di germogli (di legumi e di cereali da insalata da taglio, altezza 10-15 cm) e di verdure in idroponica prevede una quantità di acqua dimezzata. Il substrato può essere riutilizzato 

Composizioni su misura e su progetto per Land Art

termo-pacciamante o substrato termico

ORTOGEO 3D microvegetali per biocarburanti e farmaci



10 metri
20 metri
30 metri 

10 a 50 metri

6 mm
8 mm
8-10 mm

su misura da 6 a 10 mm

100-108 kg/m3
120-127 Kg/m3
135 Kg/m3

135 kg/m3

        Geolana’s technical department is available for assistance to Entities and Companies working in the sector 
 GEOLANA sea-save products cannot be used for purposes other than those prescribed.
They are geotextiles produced exclusively for geotechnical use and are therefore only sold directly to the industry