Sea Cleanup Mod. BOOMS oleo-assorbitore idrocarburi petrolchimici

FIELDS OF APPLICATIONSpecific for spills of petrochemical oils, petroleum compounds and crude oil, approved by the ministry of the environment for marine use and in water (lakes, rivers, streams, industries and activities operating in aquatic environments). It is also useful in case of spillage of small quantities, in bunkering and refuelling of ships and pleasure boats; in the pre-treatment of sewage treatment plants as well as in cleaning up oil from water bodies, tanks, ground water. It selectively absorbs hydrocarbons in aquatic and dry environments. It quickly cleans the water surface in case of occasional spills in daily operational fishing, transport, tourism, industry, marine and shipbuilding workshops routines.


raw felt geotextiles made of 100% pure Italian wool, specifically from Sardinia, with authenticity and traceability certificate, cruelty free shearing for the animal’s welfare, from breeding farms with extensive CO2 reduction systems, to preserve carbon free biodiversity and healthy landscapes.  Sugherone (first harvest cork) (called “male” cork) first harvest of the bark of Quercus Suber, 100% traceability originating only from controlled Sardinian oak forests certified by Forestas (Autonomous Region of Sardinia). EDILANA® - EDISUGHERO® technology and industrial engineering


ICEA Environmental Ethics Certification.


  • The product should be placed in water to demarcate the contaminated stretch of water and act as a selective absorbent of hydrocarbons only.
  • It is possible to connect several booms circumscribing the spillage thereby facilitating the recovery operations of the saturated products thanks to the presence within the booms of a boating line and specific hardware with spring clip that allows the barriers to be linked.
  • The barriers form a durable containment module to be placed in water around the spill area to prevent any dispersion
  • the product maintains the same absorbent properties when used in a dry or wet environment as well.

  • High capacity and speed of absorption of oil pollutants 
  • Made of 100% traceable renewable resources
  • Its colour is a 100% natural white cream (the same as sheep wool), unlike common oil-absorbers which are coated and artificially coloured or bleached with a high environmental impact.
  • It has a very high absorbency-resiliency which allows it to be squeezed-pressed, thereby enabling recovery of all petroleum hydrocarbons (should there be a waste oil press and collection system) while keeping the absorbent fibre intact.

Ministerial Authorisation 
num.° 0006847

Geolana’s technical department is available for assistance to Entities and Companies working in the sector 


Warning! GEOLANA products must not be used to produce accessories, furnishings, upholstery or any other object as these are geotextiles produced exclusively for geotechnical use and are therefore only sold directly to the industry